Set yourself apart with a new generation of lab-grown diamonds

Set yourself apart with a new generation of lab-grown diamonds

Introducing a luxury, 100% American-grown, lab-grown diamond for those seeking exceptional quality without compromise.

Clarity Diamonds
Are Exceptional

Clarity Diamond is the finest quality diamond in the lab-grown market. Our unique and unmatched single growth process technology allows us to grow our diamonds free of growth lines and graining, which means Clarity diamonds perform above all others.

Clarity Diamonds
Are Responsible

We value living right and we also know that responsibility is more of a journey than a destination. From using clean power to power our Austin, Texas facilities to paying attention to the working conditions at our diamond cutting facilities (and everything in-between), we keep looking for ways to be a more responsible, sustainable business.

We care so much about transparency that we built it into our name. Clarity.

Clarity Diamonds Are American Grown

Clarity Diamonds are grown right here in America. Our growing facility in Austin, Texas is state-of-the-art, nestled along the bluffs of Austin where we are surrounded by natural beauty that inspires and grounds us.

Growing diamonds in Texas makes it easy for us to attract the best talent, so it's no surprise that Clarity Diamonds exceed all expectations for beauty and performance.

And yes, our diamonds are are stunning ... grown with a method that makes them larger, brighter, and more beautiful than other lab-grown diamonds. Our unique and advanced technology allows us to produce diamonds with no visible growth lines or graining, which allows for maximum luster and scintillation. Finally, our state-of-the-art diamond cutting facilities take our superior raw diamonds and turn them into unparalleled finished diamonds.

To the Trade Only

Clarity Diamond is available to the trade only. If you are interested in  being a Clarity Diamond dealer, please contact us.

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