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Visibly More Beautiful

The Clarity Diamond™ growth process allows our diamonds to naturally appear colorless, DEF in color, and offer excellent clarity in the VS+ range. Superior product, coupled with diamond cutting taking place in state-of-the-art facilities, allows our diamonds to perform above all others.

All our diamonds are certified by GIA and laser-inscribed with a certification number that makes the diamond uniquely yours.

  • American Grown

    Direct from the source, grown in Texas.

  • Single Growth

    No visible growth lines for maximum scintillation.

  • As Grown

    Natural color without post growth treatment.

  • Color

    F+ color, VS2+ clarity, 3X Quality

  • Quality

    Cut in state-of-the-art facility.

  • Premium Cutting

    Hearts & arrows rounds, premium cut fancies.

  • GIA Certified

    GIA certified with branded selling card.

Why is a Clarity Diamond™ different?

Each diamond is grown via the CVD process. However, what makes our CVD process different is that our diamonds are Single Growth As Grown. This process most mimics how a diamond grows in the earth, without any interruption.

Because there is no interruption, the product grows free of visible growth lines and the color is natural (no post growth treatment). This single growth process, combined with superior cutting, is why your Clarity Diamond™ is unique and unparalleled.