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Visibly More Beautiful

Due to Our Proprietary Engineering

Our proprietary Single Growth As Grown process is what makes our diamonds visibly superior. We are able to grow larger, brighter, more beautiful diamonds.

Free from post growth treatment and visible growth lines, the path of light return mimics a natural diamond since it also grows without interruption. The lack of obstructions within the stone and superior cutting allow for maximum performance. 

Single Growth

Production happens without any interruptions, so the product grows free of visible growth lines, providing for optimal brilliance in our diamonds. 

Typical CVD is grown in a multi step, start stop process.  This is done to increase the size of the stone but in doing so creates growth lines within the diamond, due to the nondiamond carbon deposited between two growths. These growth lines negatively impact the light performance of the diamond.

As Grown

All Clarity Diamonds are “As Grown”.  This means they have no post treatment to improve the color of the diamond. 

The standard CVD diamond is grown in multiple layers at the highest growth rate possible.  The diamonds produced using this method, often result in color grades that are sub par.

The diamonds are then subjected to HPHT treatment, to improve the color.  The color can be improved up to three grades with this treatment.

  • American Grown

    Direct from the source, grown in Texas.

  • Single Growth

    No visible growth lines for maximum scintillation.

  • As Grown

    Natural color without post growth treatment.

  • Color

    F+ color, VS2+ clarity, 3X Quality

  • Quality

    Cut in state-of-the-art facility.

  • Premium Cutting

    Hearts & arrows, rounds, and premium cut fancies.

  • GIA Certified

    GIA certified with branded selling card.