Social Responsibility

964 holistic outline Our Philosophy

We value living right. That means respecting our employees and treating them well, taking care of the environment, being an honest and transparent business partner, and becoming a trusted supplier to our clients. In short, we think doing good is good business.

106 map outline Responsibility is a Journey

Creating a responsible business requires a lot of focus and effort. Responsibility encompasses a vast array of social, human rights, and environmental issues. We are looking at every aspect of our business and asking questions like: Where did this come from? Who produced it? Did they have healthy working conditions? Were they treated with respect and dignity? Did creating it cause any environmental damage?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that responsibility is definitely a journey, and not a destination.

24 approved checked outline Our Certifications

We think certifications are important, because they go beyond simple assurances. Certifications bring accountability and we think this is important.

But we are committed to not just achieving certifications. We are embarking on a transparency initiative that we believe will drive us to stretch and grow, and we hope it will challenge others in our supply chains to do the same.

We are currently pursuing the SCS Global Certified Sustainable Diamond certification.

106 map outline Our Roadmap

Right now, our big interest is in achieving our SCS Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond certification. This certification requires a diamond producer to be carbon-neutral. It is an audited certification, which is the most robust type of assurance a company can offer.

SCS Global Services is an independent testing and certification organization that evaluates safety and environmental claims in a variety of industries. They created the Certified Sustainability Rated Diamond certification because there was no other rigorous certification process for diamonds.

We'll keep you updated about our progress!

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