We're Growing Diamonds in Texas

Clarity Diamond is a family-owned business growing diamonds in Austin, Texas. It was our experience in the semiconductor industry that brought us to diamond growing.

Our Technology Background

Our building is filled with scientists and engineers.

Our Hopes for the Future

When you have a great team and you create a great product, being in business is fun.

How We Got Started Growing Diamonds

We got our start as a supplier to semiconductor companies around the world. We provide spare and surplus parts for semiconductor fabs (that’s what they call the manufacturing plants that they make chips in), and we also repair and sell refurbished semiconductor manufacturing equipment. This has been our business since 2001, and we love it, and we love our customers around the world.

In 2010 we started a company to develop semiconductor manufacturing equipment products. From there we made the leap to making equipment for CVD diamond production, then on to making the diamonds themselves. And that’s how we got started growing diamonds in Texas.

We Employ Top Talent

Our building is filled with scientists and engineers. Our team is made up of Ph.D.s, M.S. engineers and software designers, and top technicians in production, process technology, and finance. We are also quick to bring on outside expertise as needed. This ensures we always have top scientific talent working on our project and helps our long-term team members continue to grow and learn.

We have deep expertise in equipment design and production, automated data collection and analysis, process development, and manufacturing.

But engineering isn’t just about inventing new things for us – it’s also about quality. Our quality management approach is vigorous and meticulous.

If you’re an engineer, you understand the kind of rigor we bring to each Clarity diamond. If you’re not an engineer, here’s what this means for you: We are a trustworthy, reliable, quality partner. We deliver on-time and on-promise. We are committed to producing the most beautiful, largest lab-grown diamonds that can be produced, and we’ll keep innovating and making our diamonds better because that’s what we’ve invested in, and frankly, that’s how we’re wired.

Our Hopes for the Future

When you have a great team, lots of intellectual challenges to grapple with, and you create a great product, then being in business is fun.   So one of our hopes for the future is just to keep doing what we’re doing – innovating the diamond  growing process and growing beautiful diamonds.

But as we’ve entered the diamond industry, we’ve learned a lot about the challenges of creating responsible jewelry – something we had no knowledge about before. We’d like to make a meaningful contribution to the creation of a more responsible industry. We can do that through participation, through modeling the importance of responsible practices, and through demonstrating that radical transparency is not only the right way to run a business it’s a more profitable way to run a business.

Our Lab-Grown Journey

Our path to lab-grown diamonds was not through the jewelry industry but from the semiconductor industry.

In 2001 we started doing service work for the local Austin semiconductor industry. Before then, local semiconductor companies relied on the original equipment manufacturers to maintain the ultra-complex, multi-million dollar manufacturing equipment critical for their operations.

By focusing on quality and strong relationships with these manufacturers, we were able to break into the market. Within one year, we were shipping products globally, including entire processing systems. Customers put an immense amount of trust in us to provide equipment to expand their computer chip manufacturing capability.

Solving customer problems led to the development of new in-house capabilities, innovation, and many patents. Soon we were looking for ways to use the technology to expand beyond the semiconductor industry.

It eventually became clear that the innovation we were doing and the knowledge we had gained to solve semiconductor equipment problems was the groundwork for building diamond-growing machines.

Since 2012, while growing our semiconductor business, we have been doing R&D on growing diamonds using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). We've had some exciting technology breakthroughs that ultimately have led to our ability to grow very large, high-quality diamonds consistently.

  • 2001

    Started service work for the local Austin semiconductor industry.

  • 2006

    Received our first patent for a sensor that measured water quality. This new sensor was much more reliable than what had previously been available. Thousands have been sold and are still in service.

  • 2008

    We shipped our 100th refurbished semiconductor manufacturing system and were well on the road to developing our product line.

  • 2010

    We released our first product, called the Penulator™. The Penulator product family has now been shipped around the world with thousands of satisfied customers and a set of related patents.

  • 2012

    We opened a new HQ to accommodate growth, and expanded our service center. We were also starting R&D on CVD diamond growing by that time, investigating how to grow diamonds using several different technologies.

  • 2015

    We were awarded our first SBIR (Small Business Innovation Resarch) contract, and over the next few years we formed a partnership with Michigan State's Fraunhofer Center for Coatings and Diamond Technology.

  • 2016

    By 2016 we had created a 3rd generation diamond-growing machine, and at that point our development increased rapidly.

  • 2017

    Our first patent related to CVD diamond was issued for a novel way to produce material with a toroidal plasma processing system.

  • 2021

    Our facility has been populated with a line of highly productive diamond CVD systems, and we are routinely generating material that becomes high-quality gems.

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